About Us

About Us


At Taylor Digital, we look to the market from a technology-first perspective.  This approach answers the needs of customers in different ways to emphasize the strength of our collective systems.  We look to the future for innovation and progress.  We share a common set of values, and our vision is to continuously engage in projecting, sharing, and finding empowerment from these values:

  • We respect the potential and significance of every individual.
  • We have a passion for our customers and our work.
  • We believe there is always a better way.
  • We embrace personal and shared responsibility and accountability.


We power solutions.  We lead the way through technology and innovation.  We believe that Digital is not the flavor of the day but the essence of tomorrow.


10050 Crosstown Circle
Suite 200
Eden Prairie, MN 55344



We lead the way through technology and innovation. KLIC extends our audience deeper to marketers and technologists for control over their processes, spends, communication methods, assets, analytics, and distribution. We power solutions to grow our customers’ brands.

KLIC is a gateway to eCommerce, an enterprise product catalog, marketing campaign management, system integrations, ordering mechanisms, and more.



Taylor Digital believes in bold steps and innovative technology solutions to break the mold and keep our customers ahead of the curve.

  • Integrations: Connect to a highly sophisticated framework of manufacturing, ecommerce, fulfillment capabilities
  • Personalization: Configure your site to reflect custom personas and ensure appropriate functionality is presented to each
  • Security: Industry leading security infrastructure protects your assets, critical data, and financial information
  • Workflow: Simplify the process from order capture to order fulfillment and delivery, ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of the full process
  • Modular: Software features and components consumed in the exact way your systems and your vendors’ systems need